LiitoKala DC-12.8V300Ah
Specifications :
Brand: LiitoKala
Weight : 25kg
Size: Size: 355*245*180mm

Built-in functions:
1. LED Power Display and With switch
2. XLR 3PIN Input current:14.6V 5A
3.12V on-board function
4.Ouput current:DC5.5*2.1/2 5A,USB3.0/1 18W,PD-Type C 3.0:18W
Product Detail


Model: 12v 300Ah battery pack
Nominal voltage : 12.8V
Nominal capacity : 300Ah(Capacity errors may occur if different detection methods are used.)
Maximum charging current: 100A
Recommended charging current:20A
Continuous discharge current: 100A
Instantaneous discharge current: 300A(3S)
Service life:More than 4000 times, DOD at 80%
Charging temperature : 0~45 ℃
Discharge temperature : -20 ~ 60 ℃
Storage temperature : -20 ~ 45 ℃
Weight : 24kgs about
Size: 355*270*180mm / Customized
Operating voltage range: 10.0V-14.6V
Overcharge protection voltage : 14.6V + 0.05V
Over discharge protection voltage : 10.0V + 0.05V
Battery temperature protection: 70℃plusmn5℃
Output and parameters: high current positive / negative connecting column (red positive electrode, black negative pole);
Battery storage period: 90% power (6 months)
Battery warranty: 12 months (free warranty)

Built-in functions:

1. LED Power Display

2. With switch

3. XLR 3PIN Input current:14.6V5A

4.12V on-board function

5. Ouput current:DC5.5*2.1/2 5A,USB3.0/1 18W, PD-Type C 3.0:18W

Package includes:

1, 12V 300Ah High capacity LiFePo4 Battery pack with build-in BMS, case.
2, 14.6v 10A*1 battery charger (EU/US/UK/AU plug, automatically switch according to country)

Charging Tips:

Use LiFePO4 battery charger to maximise the capacity
When charging with solar, select B04 mode on solar regulator

Product advantages:

Easy to carry, light weight, high capacity, high release platform, long working hours, long life, safety and environmental protection,Series connection (withstand voltage 48V), Parallel connection (voltage must be consistent)


Electric Propelling Applications

● Engine Starting Battery
● Commercial Bus and Transit:
E-car, E-bus, Golf troller/car, E-bike, Scooter, RV, AGV, Marine, Tourist car, Caravan, Wheel chair,
E-truck, E-sweeper, Floor cleaner, E-walker etc.
● Intellectual Robots
● Power tools: electric drills, toys

Energy Storage
● Solar-Wind Power

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