LiitoKala Lii-S8 Charger
Specifications :
Brand: LiitoKala
Model: Lii-S8
Input Voltage: DC 12.0V 4.0A
DC 4.20V for Li-Ion
DC 4.35V for IMR
DC 3.65V for LiFePO4
DC 1.50V for NiMH/NI-Cd
DC 9.0V for NiMH
Output Current(Selective):
Li-Ion/IMR/LiFePO4: 2A*4 (only channels 1/3/6/8), 0.3A/0.5A/0.7A/1A*8
NiMH/NiCd: 500mA*8 NiMH-9V: 85mA*2
Standby Current: <50mA
Compatible with:
17500/17355/16340/14500/10440/AAA/AA/SC/S etc..
Ni-MH and NiCd:A, AA, AAA, SC
Product Detail
8-Slot Auto-Polarity Detect Charger
Auto-Polarity Detect.12V/4A input with a total power of 48W.
8 slots work independently. It can be chargedtogether with a variety of battery mixes.
Can accommodate 32700, 26650, 21700, 20700,Ni-MH SC and other large batteries
A variety of protection, charging safe.

Charger specifications and functions:
1. Adopting DC12.0V 4.0A (minimum) input, intelligent charging and microcomputer management system for each slot;
The biggest highlight of this charger is its ability to quickly charge multiple channels of 2 amperes of current simultaneously, as well as charge 9V nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries;
2. The charging current has five levels: 0.30A/0.50A/0.70A/1.00A/2.00A;

Charging current:
4.1 Once the lithium-ion battery (3.70V/3.80V) and the lithium iron phosphate battery (3.20V) are powered on, the system automatically configures the current according to the internal resistance of the battery it detects. To change the charging current, first long press the CURRENT key. When the current value flashes, then short press the CURRENT key to select the charging current (0.30A/0.50A/0.70A/1.00A/2.000A) (Note: the maximum charging current can be 2.0A in slot 1/3/6/8, and 1.0A in slot 2/4/5/7); The total charging current between the first and second slots, the third and fourth slots, the fifth and sixth slots, and the seventh and eighth slots will not exceed 2A. That is, when one slot is charged with 2A current and the battery is placed in the other slot for charging, this 2A current will fall back to 1A current for charging;
4.2 The charging current of nickel hydrogen/nickel cadmium batteries (1.20V) is fixed at 0.50A, and the current cannot be selected;
4.3 Nickel hydrogen (9.0V) rechargeable batteries can be charged at specific locations and can simultaneously charge two batteries, each with a charging current of approximately 85mA;
5. During charging, the LCD can display data such as battery symbol/channel CH and the battery type/charging current A/battery voltage V/charging time h/charging capacity mAh and percentage%/battery internal resistance m Ω of the channel; The standby display is "null", and when the slot is short circuited or the battery is reversed, "Err" will be displayed. When the battery is fully charged, the data on the LCD will be saved, displaying 100%, and the battery symbol will not move when it is full; Each slot is equipped with a red and green dual color indicator LED light. The red light is on during charging, and the green light is on during standby and stop charging. When there is an abnormality in the battery or slot (short circuit/reverse connection, etc.), the red light flashes in turn to alert;
6. The system can automatically identify 3.70V lithium battery and NiMH/NiCd (1.20V) battery. Press the MODE key to manually select 3.20V lithium iron phosphate battery and 3.80V lithium battery (IMR). The NiMH (9.0V) charging battery will not display data on the display screen when charging;
7. With 0 V voltage activation function, 1.65-2.20V cannot be charged (but there will be activated current trickle charging);
8. It has multiple safety protection functions such as overcharging, over discharging, short circuit, reverse connection, etc., and can intelligently and automatically identify faulty batteries;
9. Charging mode: constant current and voltage.

Key and display:
1.1 Button MODE: This button is the battery type selection button; Within 9 seconds of powering on the battery, click the MODE button to select the type of charging battery (Li ion 3.70V, Li ion 3.80V, LiFePO4-3.20V), but other types cannot be selected when charging nickel hydrogen/nickel cadmium (Ni MH/Nicd 1.20V) batteries; During the charging process, long press the MODE key to reselect the type of charging battery, but the previous charging data will not be saved;
1.2 Button NEXT (Next Channel): This button is a query button for slots 1 to 8. Every time this button is clicked, the channel displays charging data from low channel to high channel (CH1CH8 direction); Long press this button to keep the display screen in a constant light state, and long press again to release the constant light;
1.3 Button PREV (Previous Channel): This button is an 8 to 1 channel query button. Every time this button is clicked, the channel displays charging data from high channel to low channel (CH8CH1 direction); Long press this button to keep the display screen in a constant light state, and long press again to release the constant light;
1.4 Button Current: This button is the charging current selection button; The system will automatically configure the current based on the internal resistance of the battery, which remains unchanged within 9 seconds after being powered on and placed in the battery; If you want to change the charging current of a certain channel, you can first click the NEXT or PREV button to display this channel, then press and hold the current button, and when the current value flashes, press and hold the current button briefly to change the charging current of this channel; If you want to make the charging current of all installed battery channels the same, you can adjust the current by long pressing and then short pressing the Current key while the battery type is still flashing. At this time, the current values of all channels are the same;

Display LCD and indicator lights:
2.1 After the charger is connected to the power supply, the LCD display screen will fully display for about 3 seconds, and then only display null. At the same time, the indicator light corresponding to the channel will first turn red, then green, and then turn off. When null is displayed, the green light will remain on; Standby; The 9V charging channel indicator light is always green and waiting for charging;
2.2 When a battery is detected, the LCD will display the battery symbol/channel CH and the battery type of the channel (Li ion 3.70V, Li ion 3.80V, LiFePO4-3.20V, Ni MH/Nicd-1.20V)/charging current A/battery voltage V/charging time h/capacity mAh and percentage%/battery internal resistance m Ω, etc. After selecting the charging battery type (such as 3.20V/3.80V or default) and charging current, stop the operation, and the battery type will flash for 7 times, After about 9 seconds, the battery will be officially charged. At this point, the battery symbol will cycle up the ladder, indicating that charging is in progress, and the corresponding channel indicator light will turn red;
During the charging process, you can click the NEXT or PREV button to query the battery parameters of each slot; When the LCD screen is dimmed, clicking any button will light up the screen; Long press and hold the NEXT or PREV key to keep the LCD in a constant display state; When the charging is completed, the battery symbol remains full and displays 100%. The charging parameters are saved, and the indicator light remains green.
2.3 When abnormal conditions (short circuit/reverse connection, etc.) are detected in the battery or channel, the screen will display the corresponding battery channel CH, Err, all battery symbols, and the corresponding channel battery symbols flashing in full, and the corresponding indicator light will turn red to alert; When the 9V charging channel detects an abnormality in the battery or channel (short circuit/reverse connection, etc.), the screen display remains unchanged, but the two indicator lights will be constantly red at the same time.

Brand Name: LiitoKala
Model Number: Lii-S8
Input Voltage: DC 12V/4.0A
Output voltage: DC
4.2V / DC 1.48V / DC 3.65V / DC 4.35V / 9V
Output current
Lithium battery charging current: 2000mA*4 / (300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA)*8
NiMH battery charging current: 500mA*8
9V battery charging current: 85mA*2
Compatible for all rechargeable batteries;
Ni-MH/Cd: AA,AAA,A,SC,C,9V etc size
Color: Black
Main Item Size: approx. 29.3*14.5*5.7cm
Package Size: approx. 29.0*15.0*6.0cm
Package Weight: approx. 830g

Model:  (Optional)
Lii-S8 no car (Battery Charger + Power Adapter)
Lii-S8 + car (Battery Charger + Power Adapter+car)

Package List:
1 * LiitoKala Lii-S8 Battery Charger
1 * Power Adapter (EU/US/UK Plug)
1 * User Manual (English & Chinese)

Weight:  850g±1g
Charger Size: 195*143*35mm
Carton Size: 52.5*32*32.5cm
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