Product Detail

Varies applications - work with Arlo VMS3030/3230/3330/3430 security cameras, flashlights, dog collars, lasers, alarms, cameras.
Excellent performance – 700mAh high capacity, provides long running time for your device.
Reusability offers great savings - Battery can be recharged up to 500 times.
Replace one-time use Battery - 123, 123A, CR123, CR123A, CR123R, CR17335.
Environment friendly – save over non-rechargeable batteries while reducing battery waste; No heavy Hg/Cd/Pb metals included.


Type:Lithium Battery
Rated Voltage:3V
Rechargeable: yes
Shelf life:10 Years


Lasting power,Selected materials, improve the purity and utilization of the electrolyte, the battery capacity is higher, and the use is longer.
Strong current,the current is stable and the discharge is lasting. It can effectively protect the household appliances and have a stronger high and low temperature resistance (-40°C-70°C), and it can still work normally at low temperatures.
Safe explosion-proof,anti-corrosion steel shell, hard and explosion-proof, effectively protect the battery and extend its service life.
The product is resistant to high and low temperatures, has a wider application range, is safe and durable, and has a long shelf life.
Used for cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, night vision devices, LED flashlights, electronic patrol sticks, LED displays, LED electronic desk lamps, smart instruments, luminous fish floats, IC card water meters, gas meters, electric meters, walkmans, CD players, MD Machines, electric shavers, electric toys, wireless microphones, calculators, smoke alarms, sanitary ware sensors, electronic doorbells, electronic safe boxes, MP3, electronic dictionaries, electronic notebook.



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